Why use Natural Medicine?

And it is not only about living MORE, but about living BETTER.

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), from 2000 to 2016, life expectancy in the world increased 5.5 years. However, in the last 15 years, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, respiratory diseases, diabetes, Alzheimer's and other mental dysfunctions have increased incredibly. Needless to say, depression is already leading the main cause of disability in the world.

Let us ask ourselves: if these non-communicable diseases can be prevented, why do they increase? These are the WHO statistics on the main causes of death in the world in 2016, in high-middle-income countries:

The fact is that conventional medicine, at least the one that is mostly practiced, treats the symptoms but not the causes. Then, provide us with drugs to “relieve the symptoms” and if it is not viral, the disease runs its course silently, until it becomes chronic. Additionally, since the same symptom can come from different causes, mistakes are made in the diagnoses if only the focus is on the symptoms. Also, the use of drugs over time, not only does not cure, but because of their side effects, usually are the cause of other diseases.

Therefore, it is not surprising that, according to research by the John Hopkins University of Maryland, the third cause of death in the United States is medical errors due to misdiagnosis, medication overdose, fragmented care, communication problems or complications avoidable. These data does not include deaths of non-hospitalized patients. Here you can check it out: https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/news/media/releases/study_suggests_medical_errors_now_third_leading_cause_of_death_in_the_us

 "It is much more important to know which person has the disease, than what disease the person has." Hippocrates

The body heals by itself, when there is balance of our body, mind and soul. Health is directly related to what we eat, how we breathe, exercise, what we think, how we interact, it is about our tolerance, coherence, acceptance, sense of humor… etc.

And how do we balance? Here is precisely where natural medicine is present, through specific foods to balance the intestinal flora to strengthen the immune system, prevent inflammations (itis), take care of our brain, etc. "Death begins in the colon", said Ilia Mechnikov, Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1908. Every day, scientific evidence is being increased and shows that diabetes, obesity, inflammations of digestive tract, cardiovascular system, autoimmune diseases, mental illnesses, etc., start in the gut.

"Just as food causes chronic diseases, it can also be the most powerful cure" Hippocrates

And since everything is connected, the balance of our emotional-mental health and spiritual, are also decisive. The brain and intestine are joined by the vagus nerve. This is why if we feel sad, depressed, we get sick. And because it is bidirectional, if we have a poor diet or if we are dependents on drugs, there is anxiety, depression, bad mood. We create a vicious circle that only through nature can we stop it. Let's cure the causes and forget about the disease. 

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