Manage your face and manage your emotions

Do you know that smiling contributes to your emotional and physical health? Smile is so powerful that even can help stop gastrointestinal problems, depression, anxiety and more. Like everything, demands training. Let´s go to get it!

       The most receptors parts of our body are our face and our hands. The brain is constantly trying to know what the face expresses. For example: if with botulinum toxin, we block the corrugating muscle of the forehead, it is more difficult to get angry.  When we are angry, we wrinkle the forehead. At the moment when the brain gives the order to wrinkle but sees that the muscle does not respond, that message goes back to the brain saying: here is something that is not right. Therefore, it is shown that people get less angry, at least when this muscle paralysis is maintained.

        The smile has a very visible capacity to produce a very deep impact in the left prefrontal part of our brain. I'm in a bad mood, I'm terrible, and do you want me to smile now? Is the brain going to give me joy? The brain remains in a state of confusion because it is experiencing this feeling of anger but the body does not follow. If you keep that smile, especially if you get that smile be more authentic, you really get to deceive the brain, improving your physical and emotional health. It has happened that people with digestive problems, due to their tension, due to their bad mood, two weeks practicing this, they have removed stomach pain which were trying to remove for years and taking medication.

emotions - natural control

The duties are, when you get up in the morning, one of your priorities should be SMILE, especially to people who are not pleasant to you. We can take two attitudes in life:  react to the circumstances (we meet a person unfriendly and we get in a bad mood, or a nice person and we get in good mood), or we can have a little more prominence in our lives and say: I will not limit myself to react automatically but to respond, which requires training, such as increase muscles by loading weights in the gym. The training in this case is not only to smile to people you like, but also it is more important smile to people whom you feel is difficult or challenging to do it.

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