RESVERATROL ... a little more than a glass of wine!

Resveratrol not only slows aging, but also improves blood flow to the brain and promotes heart health. Certainly, a glass of red wine a day brings us magic benefits, but it is not enough, and more wine per day is not healthy. That is why it is important to take natural supplements to achieve best results, without exceeding the dose of 4.9 mg per day.

The World Health Organization suggests that Resveratrol reduces cardiovascular risk by up to 40%! In this regard, it could be more effective than Vitamin E, since it protects against a wide range of free radicals that prevent the oxidation of low density lipoproteins (LDL). This allows that LDL fat, efficiently transport cholesterol to the brain, favoring neuronal functioning and preventing fat from sticking to the arteries (atherosclerosis), which affects cardiac functions.

Likewise, consumption of Resveratrol has the ability to activate genes called “sirtuins” which affect longevity in the same way as if we ate little, which together with physical exercise, has been shown to prolong life and good health.

Let´s make a toast a day for life!

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