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Improves prostate health and urinary tract

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  • Reduces inflammation of the prostate and relieves the symptoms of its enlargement, regenerating and stimulating its glandular tissue.
  • Improves urinary problems.
  • Helps prevent prostate cancer.
  • Increases sexual desire and vigor.
  • Improves sperm quality and contributes to fertility.
  • Strengthens and improves kidneys health.
  • Promotes hair health, stimulating its growth and avoiding hair loss.
  • Strengthens and boosts immune system.

The prostate and urinary tract may also be affected over the years. Prostate enlargements (benign hyperplasia) with aging are relatively common, which usually leads to urinary disorders such as difficulty starting urinary flow, increased frequency and urgency to urinate, incomplete emptying or incontinence.

From the age of 30, we all begin to age. Little by little we lose bone and muscle mass, strength, endurance, etc. This process is mainly accelerated by poor diet (junk food or lack of appropriate nutrients), chronic stress, overweight, sedentary life and emotional and psychological disorders.

Bad lifestyle habits over time, imbalances the intestinal flora, which causes a silent and constant process of internal inflammations and a decrease in our immune system. Therefore, over the years, we not only weaken, but diseases begin to appear, but not because we have been healthy before they appear.

These unnecessary and accelerated deterioration of our health, also affect our mood, causing depressive and anxiety behaviors, which not only affect our interpersonal relationships, but also damage our body.

Although it is true that men and women get aged at the same time, it is also true that there are some marked differences. In the case of men:

  • The male hormone testosterone begins to be lost from 30-40 years at approximately 2% per year. Low levels of this hormone are manifested by the appearance of symptoms such as insomnia, irritability, fatigue, increased waist circumference, low sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, among others.
  • The prostate begins to increase in size and can lead to urinary disorders such as difficulty in urination, increased frequency and urgency to urinate, incomplete emptying or incontinence. Age can also bring infections to the prostate caused by intestinal germs (flora imbalance).
  • Baldness and Parkinson's. Although they are not exclusive problems for men, affect them much more than women.

Vitamin E, zinc chelate, saw palmetto and pygeum africanum.

Take two (2) capsules daily: one in the morning and the other one in the evening.

It is recommended to take it for 3 months consecutives for better results.

As a natural supplement, effects are appreciated gradually.

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