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Less sugar, more energy!
(180 caps of Bio Glucontrol plus 60 caps of Bio Energy)


· Helps to reduces naturally levels of sugar in the blood.

· Accelerate sugar metabolism and increase energy.

· Contributes to lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides.

· Helps to reduce appetite and overweight.

· Also helps balance hypertension, thus protecting our arteries.

· Stimulates production of stem cells helping us to regenerate damaged cells.

· Strengthens immune system.


· Restores and increases our vitality and resistance.

· Boosts energy metabolism.

· Stimulates blood circulation.

· Improves the respiratory chain.

· Prevents or helps anemia.

· Promotes the nervous system and stimulates mood

· Strengthens the immune system.



Bio Glucontrol is a natural supplement whose blend of ingredients works to help correct high glucose and overweight. And Bio Energy accompanies it to raise the energy and endurance that are lost when sugar levels are high, in addition to other advantages that we explain.

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