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Less sugar, more immunity!
(180 caps of Glucontrol plus 90 caps of Immune Control)


· Helps to reduces naturally levels of sugar in the blood.

· Accelerates sugar metabolism and improves energy levels.

· Contributes to lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides.

· Helps suppress appetite and reduce overweight.

· Promotes regulation of high blood pressure.

· Strengthens immune system.


· Stimulates T cells (T lymphocytes) production to protect us from infections.

· Promotes production of “interferon”, substance that prevent proliferation of cancer cells.

· Promotes proper functioning of immune system.

· Increase our resistance against flu, colds and other viral diseases, as well as bacterial or autoimmune diseases.

· Helps reduces risks of developing cancer.


Natural supplement whose Yacon content helps promote the natural and proper production of insulin from the pancreas, thus regulating sugar levels. And together with Fenugreek, favor the balance of gastrointestinal tract bacteria, reducing harmful bacteria that are in excess due to poor diet and which, justly, generate addiction for sweets and junk food. 

Both ingredients promote the reduction of internal inflammations, which not only cause many diseases, but also are the main cause of high cholesterol levels in blood. An inflamed vascular endothelium attracts fat and it is the cholesterol that goes to solve that inflammation. Therefore, Glucontrol helps lower levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides in the blood.

Additionally, strengthens intestinal immune system, which is decisive for our good health since in bowel walls are the 80% of all such defense system.


A natural supplement created to maximize the defenses of our body against viruses, bacteria and any other infectious organisms.

Among the main viral and bacterial diseases against which we are most strengthened, we have: 

· Viral: common cold, flu, warts, HIV / AIDS, Ebola, viral gastroenteritis, etc. 

· Bacterial: gastritis and ulcers, food poisonings, meningitis, sexually transmitted diseases, skin infections, boils, abscesses, pneumonias and ear and throat infections and any other infectious organism.

Immune Control also increases our resistance against autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and myositis (inflammation of muscle tissue), among others. Additionally, due to its composition, it improves the overall level of health.

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