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Sugar, pression and cholesterol balance with more energy!
(180 caps of Suprecol and 60 caps of Full Energy)


· Reduces blood sugar levels.

· Promotes natural production of insulin by controlling its excesses.

· Helps lower triglycerides and avoid damage to LDL cholesterol.

· Contributes to regulate blood pressure.

· It has protective and healing properties for the liver.

· Promotes detoxification.

· Reduces addiction for harmful or inflammatory foods.

· Stimulates the libido and increases energy.


· Improves energy and resistance, physical and mental.

· Contributes to improve blood circulation.

· Boosts metabolism and active energy stored in our body.

· Promotes a good respiratory health.

· Stimulates the nervous system and helps regulate the endocrine system.

· Strengthens immune system.

· Controls craving to eat sweets and junk food (toxins)

· Helps lower blood sugar levels and regulate hypertension.

· Highly antioxidant.


It is a natural supplement whose mixture of ingredients together helps to balance the intestinal microbiota in such a way as to improve health and functioning of the intestine, liver and pancreas. These organs of the digestive system are determinants to maintain healthy levels of sugar, insulin and fats; then, preserve a balanced blood pressure and overall well-being.

Yacon content helps promote the natural and proper production of insulin from the pancreas. Together with Fenugreek, reduce blood sugar levels, causing the body to use calories from protein and fat; thus, reduces triglyceride levels and prevents cholesterol LDL get oxidized and becomes harmful. Also, these two ingredients reduce the sensation of hunger and the addiction to sugars because of the balance bacteria achieved in the intestinal flora. They are anti-inflammatory foods and also strengthen immune system.

Silymarin, extract from Milk Thistle seeds, is recognized for more than 2,000 years by its healing and protective properties for the liver. As it is known that high blood sugar levels (including refined carbohydrates), inflames the liver and making it fatty, worse to that people who use drugs habitually or drink alcohol in excess. Consequences appear like gastric reflux, fatigue, allergies, reduced metabolism, being overweight, high triglyceride levels, etc. This is the importance of Sylimarin in Suprecol blend.

The Cinnamon, according to scientific studies has shown that improves insulin sensitivity, therefore, it helps control blood glucose levels. 

Magnesium it is capable to eliminate damage caused by excess of insulin (due to excess of sugar). Too much insulin increases triglycerides levels, abdominal fat becomes stubborn, and cause hypertension because make kidneys to retain salt. Thanks to magnesium, these conditions are regulated, in addition to a large list of benefits of this mineral. 


Chronic fatigue or permanent tiredness is a health condition that does not improve with rest. FULL ENERGY is a supplement made with a diverse mixture of highly nutritious natural ingredients and antioxidants, which help to counteract the cellular damage caused by high levels of sugar and insulin, chronic stress or whatever, in order to recuperate and increase our physical and mental natural energy.

Stimulate the elimination of all kinds of toxic substances from the body, cleaning the blood and improving the quality of the intestinal flora. That is why it reduces the anxiety of sweets and junk food that are highly addictive (the more we eat, the more we want), inflammatory and cause decay and heaviness. 

The cleansing of the body improves circulation, therefore our performance. It also helps balance intestinal flora, which increases the immune system response, making us more resistant to bad viruses and bacteria, as well as allergies and autoimmune diseases. 

It helps regulate bad cholesterol and raise energy metabolism. Promote production of neurotransmitters, helping our mind to work efficiently.

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