About Us

A need that become a goal.

Experiences of lives underwent limitations and discomforts due to diseases, which mostly are caused by a misuse of stress, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, emotional problems and disconnection with our essence, made us see the immense need to return to a natural life, more balance, integral and less invasive. This is how our goal was born:  improve integral health of people through the wisdom and goodness of nature itself, taking us to create our own supplements, natural and strategically formulated in order that the interaction of the ingredients enhances the benefits in our body.



Our beginning In March 2006.

We started our activities formulating our natural supplements in certified laboratories of the United States, selling them within the United States market, and shortly after our products started to be delivered to Mexico, Canada and countries of Central America and the Caribbean, such as Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and the Dominican Republic, and we continue growing.  Our commitment goes beyond bringing health to your homes. We also want you to take reins of your own wellness. This is the reason we share with you, through our web, specially our blog, professional, scientific, relevant and transcendent information about all those factors, visible and not-visible, and mostly unknown, which are determinants for our good health and for our desire to have a better quality of life.


Natural Control: a healthy style to live a happy life.