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Complete anti-ageing: skin, heart and more

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  • Hydrates and tones the skin, minimizes expression lines.
  • Strengthens, reduce inflammation and protects joints.
  • Activates proteins that delay cell aging.
  • Improves blood fat levels and reduces oxidation of bad cholesterol (LDL).
  • Promotes and protects cardiovascular health by its vasodilatation properties and by inhibiting the formation of thrombi or blood clots.
  • It has anti-cancer properties by stimulating apoptosis in the vascular endothelium (death of diseased cells in the blood vessels).
  • Contributes with eye health.
  • Promotes the balance of intestinal flora and colon health.

Ultra Resveratrol Plus’ ingredients have been selected for their individual and collective properties to stop, and even reverse, the natural wear and tear of our body as we age. Even more of if aging becomes premature due to bad habits of life or diseases.

Resveratrol is a highly antioxidant natural polyphenol that has shown to have many health benefits, mainly on the cardiovascular system. It has vasodilatation effects that helps the blood to flow more easily, is able to improve the profile of lipids (fats) and attenuate the oxidation of bad cholesterol (LDL), therefore, inhibit blood clots formation.

It has high anti-inflammatory effects that are capable of healing damaged cells of the internal walls of blood vessels and capillaries (vascular endothelium), preventing them from transforming into malignant (cancer). It is also a protein activator that delays cell aging and an immune system stimulator.

It also contains hyaluronic acid, a substance found mainly in the skin, connective tissue, articular cartilage, synovial fluid, vitreous humor of the eye, etc. Its main property, but not the only one, is to attract and retain water, which gives our body hydration.

With aging, we lose hyaluronic acid, and at 50 we have approximately half left. That is why the skin becomes flaccid and wrinkled, the joints become dry and stiff, connective tissue loses its ability to support and weakens. Without a doubt, we need to incorporate hyaluronic acid in our life to slow down the aging process.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body and is responsible for linking connective tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin, bones, cartilage, hematological and adipose tissue and organs). It is also being lost in the aging process and after 40 years its supplementation is essential due to the onset of oxidation of our body, to enjoy good health and delay aging.

Collagen, together with hyaluronic acid, will take care of and improve joints, even preventing degeneration of articular cartilage, give hydration and firmness to our skin, including hair and nails, protect the retina of our eyes and take care of the extracellular matrix of connective tissue, as a kind of inner glue that gives us strength and structure.

The vitamin C added to the supplement, will favor the synthesis of collagen, taking full advantage of all benefits, plus the individual properties of this vitamin.

Resveratrol, hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C.

Take two (2) capsules daily: one in the morning and the other one at night.

It is recommended to take it for 3 months consecutives for better results.

As a natural supplement, effects are appreciated gradually.

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